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December 2nd, 2012

Day 5 of 7


Setting a Bottom Line

Working with your answers to the questions above, try setting a bottom line for yourself. Begin with five of your most painful behaviors. You can always add more later.

If you notice that your evenings are typically gobbled by your boss's extra assignments, then a rule must come into play: No work after six.

If you wake at six and could write for an hour if you were not interrupted to look for socks and make breakfast and do ironing, the rules might be "No interrupting Mommy before 7:00 AM."

If you are working too many jobs and too many hours, you may need to look at your billing. Are you pricing yourself appropriately? Do some footwork. What are others in your field receiving? Raise your prices and lower your work load.

Bottom Line

1. I will no longer work weekends.

2. I will no longer bring work with me on social occasions.

3. I will no longer place my work before my creative commitments. (No more canceling piano lessons or drawing class because of a sudden new deadline from my boss the workaholic.)

4. I will no longer postpone lovemaking to do latenight reading for work.

5. I will no longer accept business calls at home after six.