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December 19th, 2012

End of Part I: The Artist's Way

As a recovering creative, you now have put many hours into your recovery over these three months, changing rapidly as you grew. For your recovery to continue, you require a commitment to further creative plans. The following contract will help you accomplish them (as well as part 2: Walking in This World, starting soon).

Good luck, and God bless you!


My name is _________________. I am a recovering creative person. To further my growth and my joy, I now commit myself to the following self-nurturing plans:

Morning pages have been an important part of my self-nurturing and self-discovery. I hereby commit myself to continuing to work with them for the next ninety days.

Artist's dates have been integral to my growth in self-love and my deepening joy in living. I am willing to commit to another ninety days of weekly artis's dates for self-care.

In the course of following the artist's way and healing my artist within, I have discovered that I have a number of creative interests. While I hope to develop many of them, my specific commitment for the next ninety days is to allow myself to more fully explore ___________________________________.

My concrete commitment to a plan of action is a critical part of nurturing my artist. For the next ninety days, my planned, self-nurturing creative action plan is ______________.

I have chosen ____________ as my creative colleague and __________ as my creative back up. I am committed to a weekly phone check-in.

I have made the above commitments and will begin my new commitment on _________________.